Category: Meal

Chicken Mushroom Rice

This is an easy one pot meal cooked in a rice cooker that you can prepare in advance. Leave it in the rice cooker on “Warm” mode until ready to serve. You can also add other ingredients as well for different flavours.

Chicken and Mushroom Claypot Rice

Rice cooked in a claypot has a distinct smoky flavour and forms a thin layer of lightly burnt crispy rice. Claypot lovers simply cannot resist scraping off the sides and mixing the burnt rice with the rest of the ingredients. This one dish meal is a favourite comfort food among the locals here in Singapore

Tuna Potato Pie

This is my version of fast food. You can prepare in advance and freeze them. When ready to serve, thaw it, pop in the oven and you can have a piping hot potato pie in no time. This dish can also last for many weeks in the freezer. They are especially great for your hungry