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Rose Santan Agar Agar

This is an old school agar agar recipe which was popular in the early 70’s. This recipe is similar to my Blue Pea Santan Agar Agar except I used rose food colouring and rose essence for fragrance. You can also use rose syrup in place of the rose essence by adding about 3 Tbsp. If

Blue Pea Santan Agar Agar

This agar agar recipe is flavoured with Blue Butterfly Pea Flowers (Bunga Telang) and Pandan leaves. I used the dried flowers to extract the deep blue colour but you can also use fresh flowers. Adding a layer of santan (coconut milk) on top of agar agar jelly dessert makes it extra flavourful. There are a

Mango Pudding

This cold yummy dessert is best eaten during hot weather. It should be soft but firm enough not to fall apart when scooping up with a spoon. It should also have a strong mango flavour and smooth texture. Use only fresh mangoes when available. If they are not in season and you’re really craving for